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Sunshine Sushi Platter

Sunshine Sushi Platter

SKU: FGA-137

Bright sunshine and inner calmness are highlighted in this fused glass work. The outside edges are bright yellow matching the sunniest of days. Encompassed in the center are cool blues, pastel green and white that offer an understated contrast.  The piece is shaped as a sushi platter but could be used as a serving piece of any kind, a candle holder, or a decoration to brighten any room.

This platter is made of three layers of fused glass. One layer of medium blue is sandwiched between two layers of bright yellow. The effect it that of yellow with blue piping. The interior is made of several slices of a fused pattern bar of medium blue, pale blue, pastel green, white and clear glass. The slices are surrounded by clear glass making them appear to float in the center of the platter.

  • Product Information

    Dimensions: 11" x  6" x 2"

    Food safe.  Clean with warm soapy wateror any ammonia free glass cleaner.

    Not microwave safe. Not dishwasher safe.

    Use of votive or electric votive candles recommended. If a wax candle is used, be sure the wax is contained in the well of the candle. Hot wax pooling directly on the glass could cause it to break.

    Shipping and applicable taxes added at check-out.

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