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Davan Bowl

Davan Bowl

SKU: FG-217

This fused glass bowl is a standout of fall colors. The base color is a rich persimmon, terra cotta brown and yellow design elements. The geometric design accentuates the unusual shape of the bowl itself. Use it as a decorative item in your home or office, a fruit bowl, or a candy dish. The possibilities are endless.

The bowl is made using the stacked-plate construction technique. It is two full layers of glass with additional glass pieces stacked on top. It is then fused together in a glass kiln at temperatures reaching 1475 degrees Fahrenheit until all the elements fuse together leaving a flat glossy surface showing the multiple colors.

  • Production Information

    Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 2"

    Food safe.  Clean with warm soapy water.

    Not microwave safe. Not dishwasher safe.

    Use of votive or electric votive candles recommended. If a wax candle is used, be sure the wax is contained in the well of the candle. Hot wax pooling directly on the glass could cause it to break.

    Shipping and applicable taxes added at check-out.


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